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The Ratchets - Hoist a New Flag 7"

While things had been pretty quiet in THE RATCHETS’ camp after the “Glory Bound” album cycle, their fans hadn’t lost hope or forgotten about this amazing band. To help do justice to these diehards, THE RATCHETS decided to release two tracks that were held back from the Glory Bound album, recorded in the same session. For the (very) few people that had heard these tracks prior to this 7”, this single marks a giant success, after years of trying to convince the band to release these songs to a very loyal and loving fanbase. Recorded in Brooklyn in 2006, these two tracks exemplify how unique, passionate and inspiring this band was, both at the time, and for their fans - still today. To celebrate the release, the band, their friendship, and their relationships with both Pirates Press and THE BOUNCING SOULS, THE RATCHETS reunited to play both Pirates Press’ Anniversary Weekend out in San Francisco and THE SOULS’ “Home For The Holidays” shows in Asbury Park, NJ.

This release includes a digital download card.

Side A: Hoist A New Flag
Side B: The Way Things Are (Orig. Schwartzennegar)

Pressing Information

150pcs. Electric Blue Vinyl
100pcs. Blue w/ Bone Splatter Vinyl