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The Ratchets - Heart of Town 12" EP Swamp Green W/ Red & Mustard Twist Vinyl LP

The Ratchets' debut EP set the tone for all that would come from these talented New Jersey rockers. Across six songs, Heart of Town functions as both a mission statement and house tour of the band's sound, incorporating reggae, punk, folk, and rockabilly seamlessly into a an authentic and instantly classic sound. The music has an air of timelessness, delivering the band's messages through a rock 'n roll beat that comes straight from the heart. LISTEN UP!

This release includes a digital download.

Side A:
1. Heart Of Town
2. Iraqui Vice
3. All Debts Get Paid
4. 77A Broadway
5. Johnny Too Bad
6. No Reason

Side B:

Pressing Information
400pcs. - 12" Swamp Green w/ Red & Mustard Twist Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Sold as set w/ PPR008, PPR199, PPR215, PPR216)