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Ramoms - Problem Child Blood Red Vinyl 7"

Coming to the table once again with a hot and delicious punk rock meal for the family, RAMOMS quickly made themselves as one of the most fun new bands on the eastern seaboard. Whether it’s playing to a sweaty club filled with punks of all ages, or specifically to a group of toddlers and pre-teens, RAMOMS hit hard and leave a lasting impression! This single is bound to be a favorite for the entire Philadelphia punk scene and beyond. Taking the classic “Judy is a Punk“ and spinning it on its head to write an anthem for Philly’s mascot Gritty was as novel and innovative of an idea as you could ever come up with! It’s no schtick either, as any Flyers fan will tell you. Gritty is the real deal. It won’t be any surprise when we hear this blasted across the ice during a game! While that track will no doubt be the biggest takeaway for a lot of people, the other two songs are by no means something to overlook. “Boogies Not Snot” will have any parent stitched up laughing, and all Ramones fans love a good straight-up cover of “Rockaway Beach” - Who wouldn’t?

Don’t ever pass up what mom has to offer! Or RAMOMS in this case.

Side A: 
1. Gritty Is A Punk 
2. Boogie Not Snot

Side B: 
1. Rockaway Beach

500pcs. - 7" Blood Red Vinyl