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The Re-Volts - Wages Orange Vinyl 7"

Bay Area local favorites the RE-VOLTS give us two more scorching tracks! Prior to this release, the RE-VOLTSl only release was the Self-Titled 10” EP (2007). The songwriting and sheer musical talent on that beloved EP allowed Spike (ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES, SWINGIN’ UTTERS, UKE HUNT) and Jack (ONE MAN ARMY, DEAD TO ME, TOYGUITAR) to send this music far and wide, quickly. With the first pressing selling out in only three months, these two new screamers surely wet the whistle for many fans, who had been desperately aching for more songs for a decade. In primo fashion once again, with a little songwriting teamwork from Blag Dahlia (DWARVES) on “Wages” and contributions from a few other friends, He Who Cannot Be Named (DWARVES), Paul Oxborrow (PRIMITIVE HEARTS / SO WHAT), Colin Delaney (THE HOOKS), and Bone Cootes, this 7” showcased two exciting tracks very much in the vein of their debut EP and showed quite clearly that there was still plenty of gas left in the tank, and lots of fun in store! Always a sought after staple for local lineups, the RE-VOLTS do what they always do - deliver. Whether it’s live or on a record, their tunes are timeless and will continue to hold a place in the hearts (and playlists!) of many!

Side A:
1. Wages

Side B:
1. Earth Trembles

Pressing Information

400pcs. - 7" Orange Vinyl
100pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (PPR Version)