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The Slackers - Don't Let The Sunlight Fool Ya Red & Neon Violet Galaxy Vinyl LP

Pirates Press Records is unbelievably proud to announce the release of the first new Slackers full length album in seven years, and the first on Pirates!

Filled front to back with true hits that could each stand alone as a single, this full length takes you on a real (musical) journey with this legendary band that so many have followed religiously for decades.

“We recorded most of this album during the quarantine, we were wired up at our sound guy’s house doing livestream concerts and after we were done we would learn new tunes. These songs have the energy of our times ‘cause we were living them,” says frontman Vic Ruggiero.

The New York Times dubbed the Slackers part of 'the sound of New York,’ and the Slackers just keep at it, only getting better with age and experience - writing better and better songs, and continuing to build and strengthen that global Slackers family.

This album is a testament to that age and experience. These special tunes will undoubtedly travel far and wide, just like the band will, performing these songs in a club near you!

Pick up a copy, join the party! …Better have those dancing shoes on!

Side A:
1. Windowland
2. Don't Let The Sunlight Fool Ya
3. Hanging On
4. I Almost Lost You
5. They Are Losing
6. Shameboy

Side B:
7. Statehouse
8. Second Best
9. Nobody's Listening
10. Way Of A Woman
11. Boogie Nowhere
12. Time Won't Set You Free

First Pressing:
1000pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
1000pcs. - 12" Halloween Orange & Easter Yellow Galaxy Vinyl
1000pcs. - 12" Grimace Purple & Cyan Galaxy Vinyl

Second Pressing:
1000pcs. - 12" Blood Red & Neon Violet Galaxy Vinyl

Third Pressing:
150pcs. - 12" Redish Vinyl
150pcs. - 12" Canary Yellow Vinyl
150pcs. - 12" Hot Pink Vinyl
150pcs. - 12" Evergreen Vinyl
150pcs. - 12" Grimace Purple Vinyl
150pcs. - 12" Halloween Orange Vinyl
150pcs. - 12" Cyan Vinyl

Fourth Pressing:
1000pcs. - 12" White & Neon Violet Galaxy Vinyl