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Stranglehold - S/T Silver 10"

STRANGLEHOLD is a four-piece, female-fronted streetpunk outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Drawing influences from 80’s British Oi! and 80’s American hardcore, Stranglehold play straightforward street punk with a focus on big catchy choruses, tough guitars, and a tight live set. Featuring members from MARCHING ORDERS and BULLDOG SPIRIT, this six-song EP builds on that foundation of solid, vitriolic punk rock!

“STRANGLEHOLD is one of the best new bands to come out in a long, long time. Every song gets stuck in your head and gives me the feeling like the first time I heard Punk & Oi! music. ROSE TATTOO would be proud of their countrymen!!” - Lars Frederiksen

01. Stepping Stone
02. Institution
03. Walking Dead

03. Burn The Radio
04. Knock Me Down
05. Stranglehold (UK Subs)

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300pcs. - 10" Silver Vinyl
150pcs. - 10" Silver Vinyl w/ Black & White Splatter
100pcs. - 10" White Vinyl
50pcs. - 10" Black Vinyl