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Smalltown - XII Swedish Flag Striped Vinyl P

This 12" includes a CD and a CD-RECORD (a CD SIZE VINYL RECORD MADE ON A CD PRESS). A treasure for any SMALLTOWN fan and the absolute best introduction to them for any punk/mod fan or vinyl nerd.

1. Overdue
2. Steal The Show
3. Cancer
4. I Gotta Go

BONUS CD-Record:
5. Sit Back and Watch
*"CD-Records" are VINYL RECORDS pressed by a CD MANUFACTURING PRESS. It looks and feels like a CD, but the surface has grooves, and it comes with a foam adapter so the center-hole of the CD fits a standard turntable.
**This song featured on the CD-Record is ONLY available on the CD-Record.

1. Overdue
2. Steal The Show
3. Cancer
4. I Gotta Go
5. Boiling Point
6. Turn For The Worse
7. Disconnected
8. Read Between The Lines
9. Where Did We Go Wrong?
10. All Good Things
11. Radio Radio
12. In This World (prev. unreleased)

CD Version contains all of "Read Between the Lines" (Pirates Press Records, 2009), including an ODD NUMBERS cover, previously unreleased from the same recording.

Pressing Information

500 units BLACK VINYL with Bonus CD & CD-Record.
Second Pressing:
500 units "Swedish Flag" Vinyl with Bonus CD & CD-Record