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Suedehead - Constant Frantic Motion Black Vinyl LP + 7"

Suedehead were an undefinable band of punks playing Northern Soul in Southern California who deserve a discography more than most. Their incredible 7” EPs were designed to one day be compiled into an LP, and here it is in all its glory, along with a bonus 3-track 7” for your listening pleasure! Simba Records and Pirates Press Records are thrilled to have helped this way overdue release finally come into the world, the way the band envisaged it many years ago. Davey Warsop, formerly singer/guitarist of UK band Beat Union and currently fronting Sharp/Shock, found his second calling with Suedehead while working as a producer at Hurley Studios in Costa Mesa, CA. What began as a loose side project quickly became serious when Mike Ness asked the band to open up for Social Distort ion after he heard Warsop’s rough demos. Quickly pulling together a band to join Social D. on the road Warsop signed up Greg Kuehn (T.S.O.L., Berlin), Korey Kingston (The Aggrolites, Hepcat), Nic Rodriguez (Fallborn) and Chris Bradley (The Distraction). The Orange County based mod squad called upon an eclectic background of influences including UK pub rock legend Elvis Costello, mod punks The Jam, new wave pioneer Joe Jackson as well as the UK’s Northern Soul movement and the classic sounds of Motown, but most importantly and even more obscurely, The Commitments. Self releasing their string of 7” records, Suedehead toured the U.S., blew up on local radio stations (including KROQ) and played Coachella. So many labels showed interest in signing them, but nothing worked out…until now.

1. New Traditions
2. Small Town Hero
3. No Pain (Like This Pain)
4. Trevor
5. All I Need
6. Young And In Love
7. I Believe In Love
8. Waiting For Connection
9. Another Man
10. Can't Stop
11. Long Hot Summer
12. Slip Away

7" tracks:
13. Lying In Bed
14. Waiting Room
15. Gimme Some Lovin'

This release contains a digital download.

Pressing Information

500pcs. - 12" Neon Orange Vinyl
400pcs. - 12" Orange Crush, Electric Blue, Royal Blue Tri-Color (Pie-Slice) Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl 180g