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The Barstool Preachers Blatant Propaganda CD

THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS came to the plate with their debut full-length Blatant Propaganda—and they definitely turned heads! Endless packed-out shows across the UK and mainland Europe proved that we’re not the only ones who felt that way. Off the back of their first single, “One Fool Down,” this LP combines the best of ska, punk, and reggae into a fun barrage of songs that even the most jaded will be singing along to! Since this Brighton (UK) five-piece formed in the summer of 2014 they have been getting endless acclaim for their lyrics and songwriting, as well as their incredibly energetic and powerful live shows. (No surprise really, being that their frontman T.J. McFaull is the son of legendary COCK SPARRER singer Colin McFaull.)

Digital download is included.

A Side
1. Trickledown
2. Bar Stool Preacher
3. Looking Lost feat. Vic Ruggerio
4. Clock Out, Tools Down
5. My Own Worst Enemy
6. Start New

Side B
1. Good News
2. Keeping Busy
3. Battleworn
4. Friend Or Foe
5. Sleep No More
6. One Fool Down
7. Ballad (of the M1)

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Pressing Information

400pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Rev Version)
350pcs. - 12" Redish w/ Black Splatter Vinyl (Band Version)
250pcs. - 12" Aqua Blue & Grey AsideBside w/ Redish Splatter Vinyl w/ Flexi Vinyl in Gatefold (PPR Mailorder)