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The Complicators - S/T White Vinyl 7"

The Complicators burst onto the scene in the fall of 2016, and quickly gained steam and making fans wherever and whenever they played. Not quite Oi! or streetpunk, and not quite hardcore; somewhere in the middle, drawing on lots of different influences. This band is straight-up in-your-face, physically and lyrically completely intimidating, yet lyrically on-point, and hooky enough to scare you into singing and screaming along. From the moment they walked on stage to over 200 people at their first gig, and got the crowd singing, screaming and dancing along to songs they had never heard, it was clear something special was going on. THE COMPLICATORS are a feverous wake up call to the masses that screams for people to pay attention; and for everyone to stand up for themselves, and the future. This EP expanded this band’s horizons and scored them leagues of new fans across the world.

This release includes a digital download card.

A Side
1. Wake UP

B Side
1. The Next One
2. I Will

Pressing Information

200pcs. - 7" White Vinyl (PPR Mailorder Version)
300pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (REV Version)