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Territories - Quit This City / Defende Milky Clear Vinyl 7"

After an absolute explosion onto the scene with their debut self titled record in 2018, quickly made a name for themselves. Becoming a staple support band for virtually every big punk show in Calgary, this group of experienced veteran musicians is building momentum as fast as they are writing songs.

Released in tandem with their first jaunt across the border to play shows in the USA (including PIRATES PRESS‘ 15th Anniversary “Rock the Ship“ Weekend), this incredible double-single highlights two singles which teased fans before the release of their EP “When The Day Is Done.”

These songs show the range that these guys have, and the sheer musical talent and creativity that is fueling this engine.

Side A:
1. Quit This City

Side B:
1. Defender

1000pcs. - 7" Milky Clear Vinyl