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The Gundown - Dead End Alleyway Orange Inside Red W/ Black Splatter Vinyl LP

Catalans punks The Gundown, based in Tarragona, have been crafting their own style of punk rock since 2008, drawing on influences ranging from the '77-style punk to power-pop, fusing wild abandon with pop sensibilities.

On the LP Dead End Alleyway, the power trio distill their sound to its purest form: combining lyrical content that is alternately raging, personal, and nostalgic with melodic, hook-heavy music that blends the best of old school punk, American hardcore, & power-pop. New listeners will be immediately drawn in by the familiar melodic shouted vocals, rock 'n roll guitars, and relentless driving rhythms that propel their songs, while longtime fans will recognize that the time and care that went into this record has resulted in the band's strongest songwriting and playing to date.

The Gundown originated in their local DIY hardcore punk scene, and they have held on to that sense of community ever since. After years of vigorous touring, plus releasing their first two LPs, the band made an active decision to take their time shaping the record that would become Dead End Alleyway.

The result is a triumphant achievement. Across the 12 songs on Dead End Alleyway, The Gundown make their definitive statement, combining unforgettable melodies and driving rhythms with subtle, nuanced guitar work indicative of a band operating at the height of their powers. Dead End Alleyway is a record that hits straight to the beating hearts of punk rockers the world over.

A Side
1. Everyone Laughs
2. Get Back To The Club
3. Minor Goals
4. Blood All Over The Place
5. I Don't Need You To Carry On
6. Fast Times

Side B
7. Dead End Alleyway
8. This One's For The Kids
9. My Band
10. Some Day I'll Have To Break Your Face
11. Black Hole
12. One Day (In Your Life)

200pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
200pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear Vinyl
125pcs. - 12" Blood Red with Halloween Orange Wings Butterfly Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Halloween Orange inside Blood Red Color-In-Color Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Halloween Orange and Blood Red Galaxy Vinyl