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The Aggrolites - S/T Black - 2xLP

After exploding onto the scene and turning just about every head in the reggae and ska world with their debut LP "Dirty Reggae", this upstart group of hooligans set their sights on bigger stages, and new opportunities.

With those leagues of new fans and burgeoning aspirations came lasting friendships and partnerships with Tim Armstrong and others in the Rancid/Hellcat/Epitaph family. They saw, heard and quickly dove in, supporting in the potential of this truly unique group any way possible.

This, their self-titled LP debut on Hellcat Records (originally released in 2006) really became the fuel in the tank sending this band across the globe and back, bringing their ‘dirty reggae’ to the masses.

Shockingly, the vinyl has been out of print for far too long - and being a key piece of the band's history, and a staple for many of us Pirates, we absolutely couldn’t let that persist.

With huge thanks to Epitaph/Hellcat and everyone who has made this record what it is to so many millions of people, the Pirates are unbelievably proud to bring you this repress - a true gem, in all its brilliance!

1. Funky Fire
2. Mr. Misery
3. Time To Get Tough
4. Thunder Fist
5. Countryman Fiddle

6. Work To Do
7. Death at Ten Paces
8. Someday
9. The Volcano
10. Heavier Than Lead

11. Sound of Bombshell
12. Fury Now
13. 5 Deadly Venoms
14. Grave Digger
15. Prisoner Song

16. Love Isn't Love
17. Sound by the Pound
18. Lightning & Thunder
19. A.G.G.R.O

First Pressing:
800pcs. - 2x12" Black Vinyl
500pcs. - 2x12" Blood Red Vinyl
500pcs. - 2x12" Blood Red & Black "Galaxy" Vinyl
200pcs. - 2x12" Blood Red w/ Black Pinwheel Vinyl (Essentials box set exclusive)

Second Pressing:
500pcs. - 2x12" Piss Yellow Vinyl
500pcs. - 2x12" Clear & Black "Smoke" Vinyl